Secure Card Association of America (SCAA) is a Texas non-profit Association with the mission, commitment, and dedication to enhance and improve the quality of life, general well-being and welfare for its members. Through membership in SCAA members will enjoy numerous Health, Consumer, Travel, and Business-related benefits.

SCAA is dedicated to empowering our members with valuable resources, information and support to guide them in making their personal and professional lives easier and more fulfilling. SCAA offers only the most valuable solutions from trusted names in the financial, consumer products and benefits industries. We work closely with our partners and vendors to ensure that these products meet our extremely high-quality standards. Members can rest confidently knowing we are continuously tracking the marketplace and current trends. You will always have an edge on the latest, most comprehensive and cost-effective products available. 

We are committed to providing premier customer service and maintaining relationships of trust with all of the people we serve— our members, vendors, and partners.

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